Social Activities

Being aware that all problems in society cannot be totally resolved, we attempt to systematically take initiative and participate in major social activities. The main areas of our social activities include the following:

Basic medical care for street children in Douala


With an ever growing population caused by rural exodus, Douala is the most populated city in Cameroon. The huge and growing population is causing unprecedented stress on the Cameroonian social network: high levels of poverty, illiteracy, persistent malnutrition, trafficking in human beings, and a growing HIV/AIDS problem. All of these factors have contributed to Douala’s population of thousands of street children.

Among children with no safety net, no fixed address, and no money, infections, broken bones, and other simple, easily corrected health problems go unprevented and untreated.

You can help. Your generous contribution provides a year's worth of basic medical care for a street child in Douala through Grass2grace. Please contact us to make a generous donation.

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Social Activities

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Grass2grace is a registered Common Initiative GROUP No: LT/GP/30/12/12826 in compliance with law No 92/006 of 14 august 1992 related to cooperatives and CIGs in Cameroon.