Staff Members of Grass 2 Grace (G2G) Humanitarian Organization.

G2G has as goal to transform lives and give hope to the hopeless. Her selfless aim has been felt due to the very devoted members who choose aiding the humanitarian works their way of life. Below are some of the very dedicated and resourceful members of G2G.

H.M Thomas A Fotang

H.M Thomas A Fotang, FOUNDER and CEO of Grass 2 Grace Humanitarian Organization. He is also a communication officer under the UN CISRI, and a well-known radio and tv media personality in Cameroon who has made a name for himself through his works with media organs like canal 2, my media prime and even Radio Bonaberi. As a humanitarian hero who has been transforming lives for over 10 years now through his numerous Initiatives and projects in the likes of “Orphans and widows for achievement”, “Big earth honors”, “10 for 10 wiping tears humanitarian tour”, “Operation 100 IDPS back to school” just to name a few. His remarkable works are still creating impact and change in the community at large. He is the goodwill ambassador beneath United Nations CISRI-Cameroon.


Mrs FOTANG DALMARICE ETAKA is the Director of SOCIAL AFFAIRS and GENDER EQUALITY. She is the pioneer member of the organization that has been working aimlessly for over 10 years in transforming lives in the community through her charitable works and actions. She has been a strong force in improving the lives of women through her various economic empowerment initiatives where young girls are being trained with makeup skills, manicure and pedicure, fabrication of soaps and detergents which are a few of her many projects, carried out to economically empower them so that they can sustain their daily needs. A mother of 5 kids and loved by many in the community has never relented her efforts in giving back where is needed as she believes giving back gives her peace and joy as she can go about her day with a smile knowing she has met a need.

Mr. Ojong Dwell Nfornkeng

Mr. Ojong Dwell Nfornkeng has been a SOCIAL WORKER for Grass 2 Grace Humanitarian Organization for over 2 years now. He has been a member of the health and environmental club in his school as a student where he has regularly taken part in sensitizing the students on HIV and Aids during world aids day. His professionalism and love for the society has helped many less privilege children, orphans, widows, handicaps and the sick in the community by being a mental support system to them as he works persistently in protecting them and helping them cope with problems in their everyday lives. His love for the community has empowered the less privilege to keep pushing on and building hope.

Koutchep Bissong Mavis Marie

Mrs Koutchep Bissong Mavis Marie has worked as an ASSISTANT FIELD MANAGER for Grass 2 Grace Humanitarian Organization for over 3years now where she has regularly engaged herself in community development initiatives carried out by the organization throughout its yearly projects to sustain lives. She has shown determination and zeal to push the organization forward with her strong desire for change. Her ability to hold a team together and help push the organization forward has earned her the title “Warrior” as she is pushful and determined to see the organization go forward.

EBEN Ojong Michael

Mr EBEN Ojong Michael is a LOGISTIC SUPERVISOR who has worked with the organization for over 10years now and has had a great deal of experience which has been built successfully due to his love for community building. He ensures that basic necessities and foodstuffs be distributed effectively to the community of widows, orphans, the less privilege, handicaps and the sick. Being outstanding and devoted to the course, Mr. Michael developed a strong sense of dedication for the organization and has shown no desire to relent his efforts. His experience has given him a deep appreciation for humanitarian works as he works daily to improve the lives of the less privilege in the community.

Miss Yvette Yoh Sanyi provides administrative support to the organization as a community team builder. Yvette has worked with the organization for over a year now as a PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER. She has shown great desire in improving the lives of the less privilege in the community   where she has learned to focus on community building and change. She has been in charge of handling community outreach activities and improve media relations where she is also in charge of handling all communication materials. Her desire for change and to help transform lives can be seen in her various engagements in the lives of the less privilege in the community where she never stops until there is change and equality for all.