Our biggest goal is to foster a spirit of community and create a strong base of humanitarian-oriented individuals in Cameroon and around the world. Grass2grace strives to involve as many people as possible with its work. Here are the ways in which you can help:


Your donation can provide soap in orphanages, buckets for clean water, textbooks for orphan students, life-changing opportunities like small-income generating activities, business training etc. Please support our efforts to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice and make a contribution today.

Please, use the Paypal link above to make a generous donation or contact us directly.

Fundraising to change lives:

Even the smallest amount of money raised can change the life of someone in need. We invite you to join in our mission of improving lives in Cameroon by carrying out fundraising activities to support our work.

To help us fundraise please contact us directly

Make a generous gift:

As a small NGO, we are in need of office equipment like computers, printers photocopiers and other office equipment that can easy our work. Gifts of these types are highly welcomed. Because we serve the community and strive to empower underprivileged individuals, gifts of clothes, mattress, bed sheets, wheel chairs, building materials, vehicles will boost our work while changing people’s lives positively.








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Donations are welcome at the Grass2Grace Humanitarian Organization towards transforming and uplifting 10 orphanages and sponsoring 10 orphan children at: UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA S.A (UBA) Account Name: G.I.C Grass2Grace of Humanitarian Services in Cameroon Account No 10033 05201 01031000092 39 Swift Code UNAFCMCX +237 677-834-788 kingspilote@yahoo.com info@grass2grace.org www.grass2grace.org


                        Welcome to Grass2Grace,
Currently, there are more than 163 million orphans throughout the world, and due to extreme neglect, abandonment, immense poverty, hunger, and lack of education and care, every day another child is at risk of being added to that number.
Our organization grass2grace Cameroon has decided to embark on a humanitarian venture call “10for10” Wiping Orphans Tears Humanitarian Tour. We intend to visit, donate, transform infrastructural 10 orphanages, and sponsor 10 orphan children, in 10 villages in Cameroon. We will provide medication, cloths, basic commodities, didactic materials and water via bore hole well, providing water which is life. This project seeks to give them a fighting chance at a better life.
Join Grass2Grace and personally experience God’s heart for His orphan children. As a mission trip participant, you will provide hope to orphans, who have already lost so much, and help prevent at-risk children from losing the little they have. You will impact their lives and they will forever change yours.
Join Grass2Grace as we pursue our call to serve orphans around the world. Each donation you provide changes the future and offers hope!
Two are better than one.
Starting Date: 1, 31st June 2017

To offer generous gifts please contact us directly.

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Grass2grace is a registered Common Initiative GROUP No: LT/GP/30/12/12826 in compliance with law No 92/006 of 14 august 1992 related to cooperatives and CIGs in Cameroon.