Empower Marginalized Grass Root Hardworking People

We heartily welcome you to join us at the grass 2 grace humanitarian organization Cameroon, in central Africa. My name is AYUK Thomas FOTANG i am a seasoned journalist Radio and TV entertainer. I work for major media outlets for the past ten years. I am also the head of the communication department of theUnited Nations CISRI

A permanent observatory mission. I am the founder of the famousBig Earth Humanitarian Awards.

We are inviting you to kindly join grass 2 grace humanitarian organization lets raise FUNDS to empower  some less privilege marginalized persons at the level of the informal sector through an annual red carpet event  called Big Earth Humanitarian Awards for the 7th year consecutively. These poor laborers like the hand cart pushers, toilet drainers, road cleaners, sand diggers, night watchmen, mortuary attendants, call box operators, house maids, motorbykriders, taxi drivers, shoe menders, carpenters, mechanics, orphanages, blind, deaf, dump, crippled, handicapped just to name but these, for once, are giving a life transforming treatment on a red carpet that they fabricate but only the rich and the powerful walk on it most at times. Our dream at the grass 2 grace humanitarian organization is to be agents of change that society should understand that even these poor under privilege laborers have the right to recognition. The Big Earth Humanitarian Awards seeks to give them capacity building training, boost their capital, provide basic health care, provision of basic commodities, acquire work tools for them, crown them ambassadors of their various domain of activity, give them a rigorous follow up for success. The money raised during this fundraising will be used diligently for the achievement of the above mention actions.

Dear good people we therefore stretch a passionate hand of appeal for you to join us donate. Your donation is going to save a live or two somewhere. Even the smallest amount can move mountains. Donations are welcome at the GIC grass2grace of humanitarian service Cameroon towards uplifting these forgotten persons through the Big Earth Humanitarian Awards.


More information on the Big Earth humanitarian awards (B E H A)

  • It is an enthralling event patronized by the United Nations CISRI – collaborative inters governmental scientific research institute goodwill Ambassador in Cameroon and the ministry of social affairs.


  • How do we get our candidates (Ambassadors). They are being nominated thereafter voting takes place to confirm who is the “big earth awards ambassador». A  team of experienced jury from the media, the clergy, legal department, humanitarian world and the social affairs ministry seats with the organizing committee to confer this ambassadorial tittles after the choice from the masses