Big Earth Awards 2017

Africa most enthralling Humanitarian recognition.
7th edition
Douala – Cameroon – central Africa
Prestige Foyer Njo Njo Bonapriso.
Saturday 10th June 2017
7 pm GMT
Theme: Transforming lives for better!

                                                                     Big Earth Awards
Grass 2 Grace Humanitarian organization believes that merit is not the sole affair of the rich and powerful, even the less privilege in the society who are imparting their community extra ordinarily, should be recognized and empowered.

These people like petit traders, truck pushers, mortuary attendants, shoe menders, Carpenters, sand diggers, road cleaners, car wash men, night watchman, drivers, mechanics, Blinds, deaf, Dump, Cripple Orphanages, just to name a few, are being recognize on a red carpet event, before taking them to the next level as follows; kill stigmatization, boast their capital, transform their work place, eradicate poverty, give them capacity building training. As agents of change, Grass 2 Grace seeks to transform lives of these less privileged persons for better, that’s why for the past seven years we have been constant in our endeavor.